A few weeks ago we covered the Tech All Stars Startup Competition opening for entries. We felt it fitting to bring the follow-up on the final 12 startups picked to go to Berlin and fight it out for the top three places.The three startups that impress most will each receive €10,000.00 in Amazon Web Service credit and be flown to next stop the Founders Forum to present their startups at the most influential pitching event in Europe as part of the Talent Track.

Tech All Stars joined forces with Liberty Global Ventures and Amazon Web Services to make this year’s Tech All Stars the most exciting Startup competition in the European Union and the lucky 12 participants have been selected! After a reviewing hundreds of exciting applications from each member state across the European Union the 12 most outstanding startups have been selected and invited to the Tech All Stars stop one in Berlin on the 7th and 8th.

Having a good coverage of Europe in the selection it’s great to see 2 selections from the Netherlands and 2 selections from Ireland going through. All personal bias of course.

The final 12


1.Trustev – Ireland

Realtime, Online Verification using Social Fingerprinting Technology
Your Social Fingerprint. Trustev is an easier, more secure way to shop online. Using your Social Fingerprint, Trustev creates a real and visible relationship between you and the retailer.



2. Infantium Team – Spain

Technology company that uses Big data to individualize learning
Infantium was founded on June 2012, after being one of 3 winners of the VII Seedrocket Entrepreneurs Campus. But it began much earlier, in Bizbarcelona 2011, when Dani and Karen decided to participate there and where the idea won the highest potential opportunity award , in the Growth Companies Suitcase, voted by venture capital representatives attending. An unforgettable although we had no name and we called ourselves Biztudio. But the best thing was not the prize, but meeting an instrumental person for the support and mentoring: Carles Grau. Conclusion: the team united will never be defeated!


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.03.22

3. Snap Fashion – UK

A visual search engine to find your dream outfit from a photo
Hankering after a dress, top, pair of shoes – whatever the desired object – and not having the first clue about how to get hold of it is one of life’s annoyances. Enter Snap Fashion, a sartorial search engine that uses images to search for matches, saving time, money, and eliminating the frustration of having to trawl for hours, days, even, shopping online.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.08.38

4.Transmetrics Saving – Bulgaria

Saving millions € in transport with predictive analytics
You see transport vehicles – trucks, planes, trains, ships – around you every day. But you only see the outside. If you could see the inside, you would be shocked. Because many of them are driving around completely empty, or half-full. On average, 40% of the capacity of a transport network remains unused. Because transport companies spend billions per year on their networks, even 1% improvement transforms in tens of millions of savings.

We develop an innovative IT product, which allows network managers to gain a critical few % of capacity utilization, by finding and fixing the biggest problems first. It is a simulation product, think of it as Sim City for networks, only much more serious and professional.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.17.40

5.Tempster – Ireland

Hailo for the Hospitality World
We’ve designed Temptster to be easy-to-use for venue owners, whether they’re looking for a regular lift during quiet times of the week, or want a quick burst of activity after a few late cancellations. We know that, even in quiet times, a manager has ten different things to do, so any action to drum up new business needs to be swift. With that in mind, Temptster lets you issue an offer on a single screen within two minutes, and even saves offers that you can re-issue at the touch of a button.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.21.26

6. Viewsy – UK

Viewsy is a location analytics solution for the physical world
Viewsy is a rapidly growing location analytics startup, formed in 2011 as a solution to a common problem faced by retailers the world over: understanding customer behavior in physical space in order to manage businesses better. Viewsy’s solution continues to excite the marketplace.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.22.50

7. Mist.io – Greece

Manage and monitor servers across clouds from any web device.
Register to mist.io and add the API keys of the cloud providers you want to manage & monitor. All your virtual machines will be available under a unified interface.
Create, reboot or destroy virtual machines. View their metadata, tag and search them. Assign keys and send SSH commands through the web. Enable monitoring, alerting & automation. You’ll know right away if anything goes wrong. You’ll be able to address issues from anywhere, using your phone or tablet.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.31.31

8. EcoChain – Netherlands

The business “LinkedIn” of Sustainability
EcoChain Technologies is an organization where a lot of thought is put into the future and what we can do when it comes to environmental affairs. We strive to provide organizations with the tools necessary to become self sufficient in relation to sustainability in an easy, affordable and rapid way


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.33.31

9. SportSquare Games – Italy

Develop cross platform sport fantasy games for all the major sports in the world with real time matches.
SportSquare Games is a young startup based in Turin.
Our mission is to become world wide leaders of social sport management games, we work with a passion and devotion!


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.36.45

10. CLYC – Germany

Taking bicycle security and experience to the next level, the digital level and connecting it all to your smart phone
The first digital bicycle lock that take’s bicycle security and experience to the next level with an automatic keyless function that establishes the bicycle as a mobile app platform and enable’s bicycle sharing for both private and business settings, All packaged in a modern aesthetic product design and conveniently bintegrated and delivered to your smart phone…



11. SNTMNT – Netherlands

Social sentiment analysis for financial markets.
SNTMNT is focused on producing state-of-the-art sentiment technology. We strive to create the perfect tool for capturing, processing and analyzing social media buzz. Our goal is to drive innovation in Big Data and financial markets. Our current predictions reach accuracy levels of 62 percent in correctly predicting stock price movement. We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re convinced that, as the social data stream ever grows larger, we’ll be able to give more insights and make even better predictive analytics. Needless to say, we’re eager to stay in Wonderland, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 07.46.41

12. Bableverse
Ondemand voice translation by pro interpreters & bilinguals, in any language &situation
We aim to do to language barriers what the aeroplane did to geographical barriers. By gathering millions of multilingual members all over the world. Making on-demand interpretation in any language easily accessible and affordable to everyone, at any time, and on any device. Our vision is the seemingly science-fictional idea of everyone being able to simply talk to each other in their respective native languages, and seamlessly understand each other.


The winner selected at the Founders Forum is presented with an award by Commissioner Kroes and is whisked to the final destination the Digital Agenda Assembly in Dublin. The program runs from the 7th until the 19th of June 2013.

Good luck to the lucky 12.