There’s alot of crap out there. Alot of mumbo-jumbo, terms, abbreviations you’ve never heard about and descriptions that just shout BORING at first glance. I hope your site is not part of that crap pile and if you’re not sure, there is a way to be heard in the midst of all of that.

1. Cut the bullshit and get to the point.

The number one benefit of explainer videos is that they get straight to the point, in two minutes or less. You take a complex idea or concept, and break them down to a more palatable selection of ideas. Within this tiny amount of time, your explainer video can clarify what the story is behind your product, the issue your solving in your industry and engaging users by explaining how you do it!

Explainer videos give a vivid illustration to your story, assisting with being able to visualize real to life scenarios. This is what makes it more simplistic to show how your product works.

Because video also results in a higher level of knowledge retention, your viewers also end up remembering more than they would in the case of straight text. Consider that the retention rate for simple text is as low as 0% only 48 hours later (think back to when you crammed for exams) – that doesn’t leave you with much time to have your potential client mull over signing up with you.

2. Quickly stand out to the right people

As a guy who’s been involved in multiple startups across a variety of industries, trying to gain investor interest or marketing business-to-business in general can be an extremely frustrating process. Businesses and investors, are often slammed with proposals, diagrams, requests and sales pitches multiple times within a single day. Frustration often mounts as businesses try to scramble together a pitch that stands out from the crowd and really drills down to the heart of how your product can change apart of our world.

3. Visuals tell faster and people hate to read.

Consider where animated video gets its roots from. Animation, in its most simplistic form, was a form of entertainment mostly directed to children. This has obviously expanded to include a wide variety of people, adults included, but the basic reasoning behind its entertainment is the same.

Animation is able to evoke a strong emotional response from both children and adults. If you quickly think back to childhood, and watching animated TV shows, you will often find warm, nostalgic feelings associated with cartoons. Just having a simple 2 minute video on your landing page can vastly increase brands emotional connection and thus your conversions. Consider that the bounce rate for a landing page with video front and center is often 60%, as opposed to strictly text based site – which is closer to 85%. When you have a video as well as words, it converts much better. So much better, because life is too short for text.

4. Videos are more shareable and memorable

Video has a higher potential for being passed on from friend to friend, and colleague to colleague. “Viral video” has become a term for a reason – people tend to pass videos on whenever they are entertaining or informative – regardless if they happen to be a commercial or an explainer video. Use this to your advantage!

5. Help yourself be more findable

Google no longer uses only text content to rank you in search engine results. Videos are now considered to be a major part of search results and ranking as well. You stand a much higher chance of scoring a number 1 page rank if you include a video with your main page content. eConsultancy have a good article about that here.

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